Mini Taco Pockets!

27 Feb


I have another amazing recipe for you tonight! This was our “throw it together quickly” dinner tonight and WOW was it great! I wasn’t sure at first if the crescent roll dough would vibe well with the mexican food flare, but it was very good! One we will keep in the recipe box to make again later for sure. I also love how simple, quick, and inexpensive it was to make again!


½ LB Ground Turkey (or Beef)
½ Onion, diced
½ Taco Seasoning Packet
¼ Cup Water
1 Lime Squeezed (optional)
½ Can Rotel, Mild
1 Can Crescent Rolls
Mexican Shredded Cheese


Brown the meat mixture in a skillet with the onion until both are cooked well. Then add the taco seasoning, water, and the lime juice to the meat mixture and cook until the water cooks out, then take off the burner. I unrolled the entire can of crescent rolls, then diagonally cut each triangle in half (making it go from 8 triangles, to 16 triangles). Then I assembled them by putting shredded cheese in each triangle, then the meat mix on top of the cheese, then a little spoonful of rotel on top of the meat mix (make sure you squeeze the juice out of the rotel before you spoon it on so it wont make the biscuit too wet). Then I simply folded the triangle ends ontop of the mixture and baked them on 350 on a hot stone for about 13-15 minutes until the dough is light brown. I topped mine with sour cream, but again thats optional.

*(This fed our family of 3 just fine!)

Credit to the Original Source


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