Sweet and Sour Chicken with Veggies

21 Dec


Well first of all, please excuse the rather ugly picture I took of our dinner the other night. Just pay attention to the yummy potential you see instead 🙂 Anyway, this is another creation for dinner that I had initial help with from a blog I read, and then I added a veggie side to it to make it a full family meal we all really loved!

Chicken Breading:

3-5 Chicken Breasts
1 Cup Corn Starch
2 Eggs, Beaten
⅓ Cup Vegetable Oil
Salt and Pepper

Rinse the chicken well and then cut it up into 1 inch cubes. Season the chicken with salt and pepper (to taste) then dip them in the cornstarch until they’re fully covered. Then dip them into the egg and place them in the medium-hot frying pan with the oil in it. I kept my electric stove on about 6-7 heat the entire time so they wouldn’t burn. I let them sit in there until they were lightly browned. Then transfer them to a 9×13 pan and cover them in the sweet and sour sauce (recipe to follow). You’ll bake them at 350 for 15 minutes then flip the chicken over and bake another 15 minutes.

Veggies as a side:

1 Crown Broccli
½ lb of Fresh Green Beans
7-8 Mushrooms
½ Cup Frozen Peas
1 Small bag of Mini Carrotts
½ – ¾ Onion
2 Garlic Cloves

This part of the dish (as you can kind of tell) is pretty much something I made up on the fly, so Im trying to remember the amounts I added. Basically take from that list what you like the best and make up your own veggies to stir fry to go with the chicken! I cut all that up into bite sized pieces and then saute’d them in a pan with a little oil for a few minutes (covered to allow it to also steam them). Then I added a little bit of the sweet and sour sauce to the dish so it could also soak up some of the flavor! I let that saute until it was tender – – about 10-15 minutes on medium.

Sweet and Sour Sauce:

¾ Cup Sugar
4 TBSP Ketchup
½ Cup White Distilled Vinegar
1 TBSP Soy Sauce
1 tsp Garlic Salt

Youll simply mix that all up and whisk it until its all incorporated well.

*NOTE* We really enjoyed this dish, but my family felt like the sauce was a little bit too sweet and needed to be a little bit more tart. Next time I plan to bump up the vinegar and soy sauce a little to get it where we personally prefer it.

Credit to the Original Source


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