PF Chang’s Szechuan Chicken Flatbread *My Copy Cat Recipe*

18 Sep

So by now you guys all know that I’m in the middle of my second pregnancy, and at this point the nausea has worn off (thankfully) and the cravings have started! My husband and I recently went to PF Chang’s this week because I was craving their Chicken Flatbread. When we got there though, the server told us that it was OFF the menu now!!! How could they?!? Apparently even the servers at that location were sad to see it go too because he told us that they had over 75 orders of it in the last week it was available from the staff alone!

So we left, and I was heartbroken because my craving wasn’t met. I then decided that I could somehow find out how they make it online! I searched and searched and didn’t find a recipe that was the “real deal”. I knew that if I was going to make this dish, that I was going to make it right! I was able to cut and paste the main things it took to make this dish from three different sites (to which ill give credit to them below, even though I changed their recipes up a little).

So here you go!! All my time and hard work spent was totally worth it in the end because this dish was AMAZING! (Note: This may sound like a lot of work, and it could be if it werent for the fact that most of the things below have similar ingredients).

Chicken Marinade Recipe:

3 TBSP Cornstarch
1 TBSP Vegitable Oil
3 Garlic Cloves
5 TBSP Soy Sauce
1 ½ TBSP White Wine Vinegar
¼ Cup Water
1 tsp Sugar
3 Green Onions
⅛ tsp Cayenne Pepper

Directions – Simply put all of the ingredients above into your food processor and blend well. Then put it in a container and add your chicken to it (I did about 6 chicken tenderloins in mine, but the marinade could hold more). Let marinate at least 30 minutes, but longer is better. I let mine sit for about 5 hours and the flavor was amazing!

Sauce Recipe:

1 Cup Mayonnaise
2 ½ TBSP Srirachi Hot Chilli Sauce
6 Green Onions, Whites Only
3 Garlic Cloves
½ tsp Prepared Horseradish Sauce

Directions – Blend all of the ingredients above well in a food processor and chill. *Yeild: about 1 cup.

Flatbread Recipe:

2 Cups AP Flour
2 Eggs
1 ¾ Cups Water *you may need another ¼ cup if the batter is too thick
1 tsp Salt
* ½ of a Bunch of Green Onions, Chopped

Directions – Blend all of the ingredients above in a food processor and then add the chopped scallions last to the batter. The batter should look thinner than the consistency of pancake batter. If it looks a little thick, then add a little more water to thin it out. (You really want these to be super thin like tortillas). I took a small (1-2 egg sized) frying pan and put it on the stove on medium high (between a 6 and 7 on my electric heat scale). I then put about 1 tsp of vegitable oil in the pan to heat up and then poured a little batter into the pan, and moved the pan from side to side to get the batter to cover the pan to the edges (this also kept it thin). Cook it for about 1-2 minutes and then flip it when its lightly golden brown. Cook another 102 minutes on the second side and then let cool on a cooling rack with paper towles under it to catch any oil. *Yeild: about 8-10 flatbreads.

To assemble the meal:

First I grilled my chicken, and then chopped it up. Then I let the flatbread get warm on both sides and then added my chicken and some mexican cheese to it and made it a “sandwich” with a second flatbread on top. Let it warm up on medium heat and melt the cheese and then flip it after a few minutes. Then serve with warmed dipping sauce (I heated mine for about 15-20 seconds on high and stirred it until I got it warm enough – I didnt want the mayonnaise curdling).

*For us, this entire recipe would have made between 3 and 4 flatbreads, though the sauce goes even farther!

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