Cleaning the odor from the blender bottle

7 Sep

Ok…we all love them right? Its a great design in my opinion! However there is one flaw if you’re in my family and use these on a daily basis. Somehow they will end up left accidentally in the car, or a workout bag, or even left at the office overnight before they come home to be cleaned and used again. This creates a problem. They can get VERY smelly and mildew extremely  fast! So I’ve finally figured out a way to clean them (withOUT having sit and scrub them over and over with soap) to get the smell and mildew out!

First fill the bottle with a little bit of warm water (about 1/4 full). Then sprinkle about a teaspoon of baking soda in it. Last put another 1/4 bottles worth (or a little more) of white distilled vinegar in it, and watch it foam! Once its done foaming you can close the bottle up (though you’ll have to release the air pressure it’ll create shortly after one time). Just let it sit for a little bit, rolling the bottle over a few times as you’re able. Once thats been there for a little while just clean it as you normally would and you’re done!

I swear this totally kills the grossest of odors and kills the mildew (though you’ll still have to wipe it off but it will come off cleanly with no hassle)!


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