Spring Cleaning for the Mattress!

31 Aug

Or should I say “normal cleaning!” Either way you want to put it, this is one great way to clean your mattress of all the dust mites! Ill go ahead and admit that I’m not great at cleaning my mattress every time I wash my sheets, but today I thought I should do more than just vacuum the mattress. So I searched the web to find what DIY ways people like to clean and essentially get rid of dust mites, and this was by far the most used. This site (see credits below) says to put baking soda and a few drops of lavender oil into a jar and shake it up. Then they tell you to pour it slowly into a kitchen strainer as you pour it over your mattress (keeps the clumps out, and makes sure it only allows a thin coating because you don’t need much). I liked that idea a lot, but I didn’t have any lavender oil and because I’m pregnant there are a lot of scents that I just can’t stand to smell right now (and I can’t afford to alienate the one soft place I can actually rest on). So I chose to use baking soda alone, and then sprinkle some of my Purex Lavender Blossom laundry crystals on the bed as well. (If you’ll remember the last DIY post I did on making your own dry laundry soap, I recommended the same Purex product for your laundry as well…so if you have that on hand already for your laundry then its an easy substitute for the lavender oil!) It is a nice light smell that isn’t totally ground into the mattress now! You let it all sit on the mattress for at least an hour while your sheets are washing, and then simply vacuum it all up before you make your bed again!

Its super easy, not expensive, and makes you feel so much better about where you sleep at night! Try it, you’ll like it!

Credit to the Original Source


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