Keep it CLEAN please!

29 Aug

Ever wonder how you can get your bathroom to not only look clean, but smell and BE clean?! Most people use every day sprays from the local grocery store like Lysol or Tilex to take care of the gross deed of cleaning the bathroom. I was one such person until recently. I am a self-proclaimed Pinterest junkie and after a little searching I found my way to a blog post that had a solution (no pun intended) for me! Make my own spray that can take care of EVERY surface in your bathroom and kitchen!! Extra bonuses — its VERY inexpensive, it disinfects, and even gets RID (yes you read that right) of the dreaded soap scum!! How you ask? Well with only two little ingredients! (I changed the quantity of the recipe to fit what I thought was a better solution so here is how I made it).

1. 20oz of White Distilled Vinegar (warmed in the microwave).

2. 12oz of Dawn Dish Soap

3. Put both in a spray bottle, and GO TO TOWN!

Ive never had the ability to effectively get RID of soap scum in my shower or bathtub for very long, but this is a proven way to do it!


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