DIY Laundry Soap

29 Aug

Does anyone else get upset when you walk down the laundry detergent aisle and see that its all gone up in price…AGAIN? Its like gasoline. Somehow it goes up even though we know that the cost to make it can’t have gone up that much. Well I’ve finally decided to stop buying mainstream laundry detergent and will now make my own! The funniest part about this post is that its SO EASY! There are a million “recipes” online about how to make it (either dry soap or liquid soap) so I decided to go for it! Here is the “recipe” I’ve come up with that I like. It adds up to be about $0.03 per load of laundry too! (Yes you really did read that right – 3 cents a load!). It cleans and disinfects clothes very well, smells like fresh lemon, and keeps clothes soft…what more do you want from a laundry detergent than that anyway?

For 40 loads worth I used:

1 Fels-Naptha Soap Bar ($0.97 each at Walmart) *grated with a cheese slicer
1 Cup Washing Soda (about $3.00 for a 55oz box)
½ Cup Borax (about $3.o0 for a 76oz box)

* Optional* You can also add 3/4 Cup of Purex Lavender Laundry Crystals to the mix which runs about $3.00 a bottle. You can also feel free to add some Oxyclean to the mix as well, but I think you’ll find that the three items above really do an amazing job at cleaning even dingy whites really well.

For a small or medium load of laundry you’ll only use 1 TBSP of the powder! For a large or heavily soiled load you’ll use 2 TBSP of the powder.

You’ll notice that with the exception of the soap bar, the other items come in larger boxes which will allow you to make several batches of soap at a time. Its a total money saver too! I will typically buy laundry soap from the store that is about $9-10 for 100 loads. (Which is why it aggravated me so much – I just feel like $10 is way too much money to spend on laundry detergent when I know I used to spend more like $6 or so). So if you’ll see in the list above, I spent about $7 on those three items and with the exception of the soap bar they’ll last me a long time! I did the math and figured out that ill save triple or quadruple my money now by making my own soap!

Credit to the Source


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